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Federation of Monroe County Environmentalists


Current Focus...

Our present focus is on sustainable development. We are working to familiarize citizens and decision makers in our community with the principles of balanced, sustainable development, to show that preserving and protecting environmental integrity benefits every citizen, now and in the future.


Here is a sample of projects the Federation of Monroe County Environmentalists has undertaken over the years since it was established in 1988 :
  • Took an active part in the public participation process of many development projects that have threatened the environment.
  • Studied the detrimental effects of urban sprawl on our community in order to educate the public and our legislators about the importance of curbing sprawl.
  • Helped to organize the Genesee Land Trust, which preserves greenspace and wildlife habitat by holding title to properties or conservation easements.
  • Organized support for the passage of the NYS Environmental Quality Bond Act which provided funds for purchasing land.
  • Presented well-researched recommendations, with a united voice, in public meetings for the NYS Open Space Plan.
  • Worked to help preserve the properties identified by the Monroe County Environmental Management Council's Preservation of Environmentally Sensitive Areas (PESA) committee.
  • Worked to protect the integrity of our parks by taking action to prevent inappropriate or destructive uses of our parks and to discourage increased commercialization of the parks.